This is a game inspirate in Tap titans and Cow Evolution

try to get all characters!!

how to play:
Is easy,you just have to press make money, then buy characters and then merge them


  * A dozen characters.

  * More than half an hour of fun. 

   *To be able to press to infinity. 

   *Unlimited fun.

The game is not yet complete

Iif you want to put a comment and write your opinion, which is always well received

The Licence of the assets  is:

If used in any project, I would appreciate being on credit, and being notified


Appearance-evolution 22 MB
appearance-evolution.apk 19 MB
Apparence evolution Resource.rar 20 MB

Development log


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Hello! I really liked your game! All the characters are really cute and the gameplay is very addictive! I was wondering if there is any way that you could turn off the vibration on the Android version? 

no, I had not thought about it, thanks for the comment, and for playing, in the next update I will put options


Thank you so much! You have made a wonderful game!


It's ridiculously addictive.

Thank you for your review I love that you liked